AE Techron
Audio amplifiers and transformers from DC-300 kHz for military, telecom and automotive testing.
CPI Satcom provides a complete line of high-powered continuous wave (CW) and pulsed instrumentation amplifiers for EMC testing.  CPI is the only supplier that manufactures both the traveling wave tube (TWT) and the TWT amplifier.
Patented EMC-scanner, software and accessories for measuring EMI emission from PCB’s, components, cables and products.

EMI Solutions
Filtered Connectors / Inserts - EMI Solutions is a manufacturer of filters and filtered connectors, including our revolutionary FlexFilter technology, for the military and aerospace supply chains, as well as a wide range of commercial applications.


EMI/RFI/EMF/Acoustic test & measurement products including Test Chambers, GTEM cells  & test Boxes, Government & Industrial Shielding, Absorber, Line Filters, Positioning equipment, Antennas, Probes, Meters, LISN's, Calibration Services and Turn-key Solutions.


Haefely EMC
HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS has a full range of conducted immunity test equipment designed to simulate the effects of interference sources on electronic, electrical and telecommunications products.

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Insulated Wire
Flexible and hand-formable “Re-Flex” cable and cable assemblies for commercial, industrial and military markets up to 67 GHz, utilizing a unique PTFE lamination process along with a patented shield design is a leader in low loss microwave transmission lines, utilizing both solid and expanded PTFE dielectrics


Microwave and RF bandpass, lowpass, highpass, notch filters, EMC Testing filters and multiplexers.

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L-3 Narda-MITEQ
L-3 Narda-MITEQ, located in Hauppauge, New York, is a leading designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art RF microwave components and subsystems, and RF SATCOM products, serving military and commercial communications markets. Components include integrated and multi-function assemblies, low-noise amplifiers and block converters, mixer products, frequency generation products, IF products, attenuators, couplers, power dividers, terminations, waveguide products, solid state and electro-mechanical switches, and fiber-optic transmitters and receivers. Subsystems include synthesized converters, block up/down-converters (single or multi-band), 1/3 1 RU high solutions, redundant switchover units, uplink power control units, delay/slope equalizers, amplifier systems, RF fiber-optic links, translators, LNA/LNB plate assemblies and INMARSAT equipment. Narda Safety Test Solutions is the world leader in RF safety products, including personal and area monitoring and detection equipment.

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L-3 Narda-PMM

NARDA Safety Test Solutions is a global leader in the development and production of measuring equipment for electromagnetic fields, owning more than 95% of all published patents for measuring such fields. We are a highly innovative company that regularly develops new technologies and instruments to cover the most demanding applications in Safety (EMF) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

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Thin metal precision etching, stamping, electroplated foils and EMI/RFI shielding.

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RF Coaxial Relay Products for high volume commercial telecommunications infrastructure, military communications as well as test and measurement instrumentation operating from DC to 40 GHz.

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Select Fabricators

Select Fabricators Inc. designs portable, collapsible, very high attenuation RF EMI shielding tents, curtains, and pouches. Using state-of-the-art conductive fabrics, filters, and entryways, manufacturing solutions that meet stringent RF isolation and EMI shielding requirements.

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Electronic test instrumentation including digital and handheld oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, DC power supplies and waveform generators.

NSI Logo   Vectawave
Vectawave Technology Ltd is a manufacturer of robust, air cooled, class A power amplifiers for use in industrial, military and medical applications.


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